Friday, July 19, 2013

Around the World featuring Me!

Today I am the featured blogger over at Falling for YA on her Around the World feature.  I was really surprised to be chosen since most of the blogs featured are from another country other then the US. Be sure to go over there and check out what I have to say about where I live! Thanks to Emily for featuring me!


  1. I loved your interview! I have only been to Colorado once and thought it was beautiful, living in the flat midwest makes me a little jealous.

    I couldn't respond back on my blog about backing-up on Wordpress (hence the need for a new commenting system). There has been talk on the blogosphere about Google deleting blogs which made me nervous. Basicly, I made a spare blog "just in case" I also, backed both that and my blog templete on my computer, I have a feeling I'll need it when I begin messing with a commenting alternative. To answer your question in a round about way, it isn't necessary I'm just overly cautious. Although, if you are interested, The Book Vixen has a great tutorial.

    1. Yea... blogger is hard to use but I have figured it out. I am about to email you!