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Comic Adventures Issue # 4

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I read a lot of comics and rarely review them here on the blog. That's because I really don't have a lot to say for an entire post.  So I thought I would review several comics on one post.  I will still review graphic novels on their own now and then, but this is where I will talk about super-hero type comics (DC/Marvel) or sequels to some that I have already reviewed.

This issue I talk about Nightwing The New 52 DC Volume 2 Night of Owls, Batman Detective Comics Volume 2 Scare Tactics New 52, Aquaman The New 52 Volume 3 Throne of Atlantis, and Catwoman The New 52 Volume 2 Dollhouse.  I got a big haul of DC comics from the library this time around.

Nightwing By Kyle Higgins is one of the New 52 graphic novels that I am enjoying a lot.  I think Nightwing is pretty damn sexy.  I love his look.  This volume starts out with the Court of Owls (I have actually read all those in the Batman Court of Owls series so I skimmed through this part.  Then we get back into the swing of the plot from vol 1.  We get to see the villain Paragon, who sets Nightwing up as a murder.  Love the last issue in this series where we see Nightwing's origins of being Robin and how he and Batman form a relationship. 3 out of 5

Batman Detective Comics Volume 2 Scare Tactics by Tony S Daniel is pretty good.  One thing I have noticed in the DC comic universe is that Batman is a big deal.  There are so many comics branched off his story line.  This is another one.  This basically is a collection of Batman stories, which can sometimes be confusing but I figured out right at the beginning that all the story arcs in this collection were not connected so I just read away not trying to connect dots.  There is a story about Two Face which I thought was blah and disappointing.  I will say though when reading this some of it I feel like I have read before because of the batman movies. I loved re-reading the story about the court of owls (which I have already read in the Court of Owls collection comics). 3 out of 5

I am a little bummed about volume 3 of the Aquaman New 52.  I started to read it and only the first few pages were new to me.  The entire issue is also in Justice League Volume 3... which I suppose makes sense since it has the same title.  I still don't get though why Aquaman didn't get a volume 3 all to himself.  His comics have been my favorite so far in the new 52.   Honestly though I don't understand why the same story ended up in two comics.  I would be pretty ticked if I had bought this.   I'll still give it a 5 out of 5 for the story.

Catwoman is a comic i am really enjoying A LOT.   I have always like Catwoman since I was young... probably because I love cats so she just always seemed cool to me. I like her story.  The artwork fits her perfect too. I am a little bummed because I have learned the writers have changed here.. so volume 4 will be probably headed in a new direction.  In volume 3 we get to meet the villain Dollhouse, see Batman again (love it!), and meet Spark.  A fun sidekick for Catwoman.  No steamy scenes with Batman this time around but I look forward to more in the future. 5 out of 5

Well that's it for comics this time around... can't wait to read what comics come into the library next!!

I am now up to 14 books towards my Graphic Novel Reading Challenge!

Bout of Books

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  1. Nightwing looks fun. I own the Court of Owls but still need to read it... I should do that.

  2. Ooh Catwoman sounds really cool!! I haven't read an actual comic; I have read a Batman graphic novel that I loved though.
    Lauren from

  3. I love Nightwing! Glad I'm not the only one thinks he's sexy. LOL. I'm reading these series too, but not Catwoman. Never been a fan. Shame about the JL/AQM though. Good thing I'm buying JL & using library for AQM.

  4. I don't like that JL/AQM did that. I mean.. I don't mind cross over like Death in the Family and Court of Owls. But the ENTIRE book was the same. If I bought these I would actually be a little ticked off to be honest. I mean... really?? They couldn't come up with a new story for one of the series. Sigh....

  5. Usually the graphic novels are a collection of the comic issues. I tend to read graphic novel collections because that's what my library has. The problem is you have to a wait a while until all the issues are collected into the graphic novel so it takes longer to be able to read them. So you probably actually DID read a comic!!! Exciting!!

  6. Yes, Nightwing is sexy! I still prefer Batman, but they are both awesome. I love that you read comics too!! I haven't found another book blogger that loves them as much as me!

  7. I used to not post reviews on them because I thought most of my readers didn't enjoy them. But then I thought this is my blog.. why not!! So I do them on a post like this so that I am not spamming everyone with a bunch of comic reviews.

  8. I haven't read any hero type comics except for Watchmen (which I hear has some bad history among comic lovers). Have you read Kingdom Come? It was recently recommended to me by a comic book lover.

  9. It is a lot of fun. And what's great is that DC has done what they call the "New 52" so you will know exactly where to begin in each series. So say you like Wonder Woman... well now you can just start at vol. 1 in the new 52. Prior to that I had NO idea where to start reading.

  10. You know I love graphic novels but I have just never been a fan of the super hero ones. I've read one...Supurbia and wasn't impressed and the classic heroes I just have no interest in for some reason. But I'm looking forward to seeing what other graphics you review!

  11. I love love graphic novels. I usually only review the Super Hero ones on this feature because I do read so many and they all kind of follow the same art/format. If I review a different type of graphic novel then it does get a post of it's own.

  12. I love comics! Though I haven' But I've just bought a few, and I'm pretty keen to read them. :) I love Xmen and the Avengers.

  13. Nightwing is SO sexy! I have watched Young Justice about a million times. Now I know how some guys can be into cartoon characters. Haha. His character is just so bad-ass.

    I loved Aquaman's New 52 but I really didn't care for the Justice League inclusion. I recently won a copy of Teen Titans, Vol. 3: Death of the Family from Goodreads. So, I guess I have to start those soon... :)

  14. OMG he is so sexy. I like that he is dark and his hair and everything! So much more modern of a guy then some of the other clean cut superheroes.

    I am about to read that Teen Titans this weekend!!! I have it right here (actually it was due back yesterday so I have to return it today). I like Aquaman a lot myself but was totally bummed by vol 3 since it was exactly the same as JL. I mean... really JL couldn't get their own story??? Seems lazy to me and cheap. Come on DC!


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