Monday, June 30, 2014

Max the Curse of Brotherhood Video Game Review

I have been really enjoying playing Max The Curse of Brotherhood lately. The art work is great... this is only the second game (other then Titanfall) that I have played on the Xbox One.  The graphics are great.  The story is really fun .. where Max's brother Felix gets captured by an unknown evil villain.  So basically you go through these magical worlds playing as Max trying to save Felix. While traveling along you gain access to new powers (like making vines, branches, water).  In order to control these powers you use a pencil (see picture below). 

There are a lot of good puzzles in the game... some that frustrated me so much I would go and google the walkthrough to get through the part. Luckily... there are a lot of check points in the game, so when I failed it was easy to not get discouraged having to have to start off way back in the game.  This game is currently free with Gold for Xbox One and is free through July 2014.  I was a little disappointed that it is the free game for both June and July.  Really there couldn't be a new game for July?  Surely there are plenty of Indie games out there wanting to be accessed by Xbox One players. 

The enemies in the game you don't actually ever kill.  You just have to figure out how to avoid them.  Also, there are a couple of side quests.  One that involves running around and pulling some spy eyeballs out of the ground where the villain is watching.  You gather like 75 of them .. I am not a side quest person all the time so I just would grab them if they were easy.   The game is also a decent time length.  I didn't feel like it was too long or too short.

I think this is a game that is pretty fun and exciting.  I have been frustrated at some levels but that has made the game even more challenging and not too hard. The music is a fun too.  I love that there is a great story going on while you are playing. Be sure to give this game a shot... it is really engaging.  I give this game 8 out of 10. 


  1. Okay, I have to admit. I have LOVED playing Max! Sometimes I get a little frustrated though, and require assistance from the other gamers in the house!

  2. Confession... I did have to have my husband beat this ONE part for me. I was just tired of trying it. Frustrating. I could've done it but I wanted to just movie on. After that it was all good.

  3. I love playing games like this! I'm not really into the whole shooting games, but I games like this (and Mario) you can always count me in!


  4. This game was a lot of fun.... I really enjoyed it. Perfect way to spend the evening.