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Symptoms of Instalove

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today in this installment of instalove 101 we are going to discuss the Symptoms of instalove.  If you happen to be experiencing any of these see the Love Doctor immediately.

Your  PDA is through the roof... everywhere you go you are kissing, holding hands and hugging. You lock eyes and in 5 seconds you are in love.

You can't stop talking about them... to friends... on facebook..and even to your love.

Your friends try to call and text you but you ignore them and only go out with your boyfriend. 

You bump into each other at unexpected places (or are they planned places???).

You keep watching Disney movies because the Princess always gets the Prince right away!

You can't stop picturing them shirtless! 

You can't stop writing poems, songs, draw pictures of your significant other, fill your journal with chatter about them. 

You realize you told them you loved then within two weeks!! 

You start planning your wedding and buy wedding magazines. 

I love the month of February.  It's all about love.  Not just loving a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner but everyone.  Pets, family, friends whoever.  What do you think is a sign of intstalove? This is a sarcastic post and honestly instalove can be annoying unless done right.  Be sure to check out all the posts for Instalove this month hosted by A Novel Idea!! 

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  1. Insta love already happened to me, but since I was young and very very shy... I fled lol !

  2. In high school I had a lot of instalove too!! LOL!!!

  3. This sounds like every teenager ever. I remember marveling over the fact that I truly understood love songs for the first time. I'd like to go back and slap myself...but it's a rite of passage and one I'm glad has passed.

  4. I'm not dating anyone, but it's nice to shower love on friends and family!! A symptom of get easily jealous right away!
    lauren from

  5. LOL... oh yes... LOVE songs. Taylor Swift songs for sure. They make me think of instalove right away.

  6. I agree. Friends and family are perfect in our lives. Those are the love stories I like. Someone who has been a friend for a while and then fall in love!

  7. Haha this is an awesome post! I love the Disney movie and shirtless >.< Insta love does happen IRL but it still super annoys me in books. I just don't FEEL it when it's insta love you know. Well when I do it means the author did it right :)

  8. LOL! Disney movies are the best for this post!! And shirtless...OF course!! My husband did a lot of work on this post to get the hearts to appear!! Super Cute!

  9. The moving hearts is so cool!! I've never seen that in just one post - usually it's on the whole blog - well done your husband! :)

    Great post Angie - all of these are very worrying symptoms! I'm happily free of most of these - except for Disney of course, watching Disney films is a very hard malady to shake. :D

  10. It was a lot of work to get these hearts on one post. I tried for like a week to do it myself and then my husband helped me out. I have NO IDEA how he did it. LOL!

    Oh Disney.. how I love their instalove stories. I mean... who can resist Prince Charming?????

  11. It never happened to me before. I thought my boyfriend of 4 years was super stuck up when I first met him lol

  12. I think MAYBE it happened to me a couple times in high school. The first guy I dated I thought I was going to marry. Boy am I glad that didn't end up happening!! PHEW!

  13. This was such an interesting take on the instalove topic. It never occurred to me to make a post about the symptoms of instalove, and kudos to you, Angela!

  14. LOL! Thanks! I thought it would be fun to just make a crazy post about it. Instalove can get everyone all serious about how much they like it or dislike it and I just wanted to make people smile!

  15. I agree with your insta-love symptoms, and the one that probably annoys me the most in books it the fact that they are ignoring their friends. That always pisses me off - because friends should be top of the list for teenagers :)
    But other times, the instalove is well done, and it makes me swoon :) I fell in love with my husband very quickly after we met, so I totally believe in it :)
    Great post, Angie!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  16. ughhh me too!!! I actually have had friends in real life do this. I eventually stopped calling them and they did contact me like a year later. I just stopped calling because every time we talked on the phone they weren't listening only paying attention to their boyfriend in the background. So annoying.

    I love that you and your husband were instalove!! See it does happen!!

  17. Oh no! I still watch Disney princess movies D:
    That has probably more to do with me not wanting to grow up though lol. Love this list. I'll have to reference this the next time I think I've fallen in love haha =)

  18. I just finished 'The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight' last night... that's totally a novel full of insta-love. I think I got a cavity from it.

    Thanks for linking up with Spread the Love!

  19. LOL!! Yes be sure to reference this. I love Disney too. All the time I am watching Disney movies. I even have a Disney project on my blog I do twice a month. I mean... who doesn't want to just have Prince Charming dancing the night away with them?

  20. LOL!!! I can't wait to see your review of it. Insta-love was a fun project and I am glad I participated.

  21. Yup, it totally does happen, and it's actually been over 20 years since we met, so it seems to be lasting, too. (Yeah, I'm old, though :P )


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