Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Injustice - Video Game Review


Time for a video game review here at Angela's Anxious Life.  I look forward to these every week!  This week we are going to chat about Injustice.  I love this game.  I first heard about it at San Diego Comic Con in 2012.   I love superheroes so I was really hoping this would be a good game.  Sometimes I get really excited about a game and then it is no good.  This is not the case here.

It is a fighter game... so it's similar to the Mortal Combat/Street Fighter type game play.  The graphics are amazing and make the game really fun.  The stages where you fight are fun, these include the Batcave, the Watchtower and Fortress of Solitude. Each of the charcters (see picture below) has their own power while playing.  For example, Superman when powered up will send you straight into space, Batman will send his car to run you over, and Aquaman will send a giant shark to bite you.  When new to the game it was neat to play each character and unlock these powers. 

One thing the game has done to keep people wanting to play is to have downloadable content to keep adding new characters and skins (outfits for the characters) to unlock.  I think this helps make the game addictive which is keeping someone playing.  The story mode in the game is neat.  It is separated into different chapters where you are in an alternate reality where you meet the same superheroes who are bad so you have to defeat them.  Unfortunately redbox did not carry this game but luckily a couple friends of mine bought it so I was able to play it through them.

I recommend this game to everyone who likes either superheroes/comics or fighting games.  It is available on WiiU, Xbox, PS3 and iOS.  Conan O'Brian does a hilarious video in his video game series where he as a non-gamer tries out this video game. You are able to see the game play in this video too.

HA! He is so funny. Oh and by the way... I button mash soooo much when playing fighter games.  BUTTON MASH FOR THE WIN!  I like the controllers that Conan and his friend are using.  Not sure what system they are for?  Does anyone know?

Well... this game is amazing!

10 out of 10!!


  1. Ooh I've always loved playing Mortal Kombat. This looks fun! It's definitely one I would play if my boyfriend had it. I might have to bug him about it, haha.

    1. You should... it is fun to play two player on it! I love it

  2. This game is awesome. I am playing it on my iPad and I really wish I had a PS3 so I could get it. I looked into the controller for you and you can buy it for any console system. Here is the link for the xbox version version:

    1. OH thanks for looking it up. I had never seen one before so I didn't even know what to think!! It must make the gaming experience like playing on an arcade.