Monday, August 26, 2013

Utah Book Month- Blogger Spotlight!

It's time for my Utah Blogger Spotlight!  I have The Reading Fever... the blogger Penelope.   Let's learn about her shall we????

What books does The Reading Fever love?

 She reads many types of books, but especially love Urban Fantasy, Dystopia, and Historical Fiction (even better if any of them are combined).  She's a Hunger Games and A Song of Ice and Fire fanatic.

Why did she start blogging?

 The fever first caught hold when she was 18 and realized for the first time since Nancy Drew, that reading is fun...and addicting. From then on,  she experiences a constant stream of symptoms leading up to the final diagnosis. You know, the usual stuff: Increased heart rate, delusions, inability to function until done reading, loss of sleep, crying, etc.. she finally got around to thinking about these symptoms and decided that reading fever is a classifiable medical diagnosis. Probably the only diagnosis that is actually sought sane people, anyway. Thus, The Reading Fever was born; an outlet for her love of reading, and a way to keep her fever alive and burning. In the process of blogging about books, she hopes her readers will catch a little fever themselves.

What does her blog feature:

I found on her blog some fun features.  She interviews authors , some great reading challenges,  and what she calls fever inducers.   I know that she even went to BEA! I tried to reach out to her but I think she might be on a blog hiatus since June. If she gets back to me I will update this post.

Where to find the Reading Fever:  Twitter   facebook  blog


  1. Lovely spotlight, Angie. Thanks so much.

  2. Fun! I know Penelope but I never realized that's how her blog started. :)

    1. I hope she starts blogging again soon!! It seems like a great blog!