Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Big Planet Karting - Video Game Review


Little BIG Planet Karting is a racing game based off the characters from the main game Little Big Planet.  This game is very similar to Mario Kart to me.  A few things are added though to make it stand out more.   As you race around you can pick up little award bubbles that you can use later to enhance your sackboy/sackgirl.  Decorate your house that you get to live or your kart that you drive.  Your cars can be tanks, bees, hovers, spaceships, and many more!

 This is the menu when you fix up your kart

The game is a little short to me.  You travel to 6 worlds and each world you race a different track and when you beat them you then unlock the next track.  

 This is one of the worlds you travel to

The music and the graphics are just as fun as the original Little Big Planet games.  Weapons can be fired at other racers which can really change your rank on the track.  This game is highly addictive and we want to finish it in one sitting.  You are able to use the Playstation Move but I am don't have it, and have never been interested in the Move. 

Overall I say this is a really fun racing game with lots to do.  I do wish there was more tracks to race on but there are enough side missions and things to collect that it is still really enjoyable. 

7 out of 10

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