Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beauty by Lauren Conrad-Review

I love Lauren Conrad's style.  Always have.  It's classy, clean, and cosmopolitan.  But I didn't love this book like I loved her book Style.  This book was more for girls who are maybe 12-14.  It was just really basic stuff.  Here is the goodreads description:

Whether she's in front of the camera or behind the scenes, style icon Lauren Conrad has spent years learning from the pros and perfecting her look, and now she's sharing all her beauty secrets. In her first guide dedicated exclusively to beauty, Lauren covers everything you need to know to maximize your own beauty potential. From tips for creating a strong foundation and maintaining healthy skin and hair through diet, exercise, and all-around wellness to everyday makeup techniques and tricks of the trade for special-occasion looks, "Lauren Conrad Beauty" provides the advice you've been waiting for. Lauren's personal anecdotes and illustrated step-by-step lessons for makeup, hair, and nails will have you looking great for day or night.

The advice in this book was soooo simple. Eat well, sleep well, blah blah. I thought the hair styles would be more fun but they were real basic too. The make-up tips were same old. Really nothing new. I really enjoyed her photos of herself though through the years.

 Everyone has pictures through their teen years where they are like.. what was I thinking??? It's like Conrad begins talking about things in the book but doesn't elaborate too far into the subject. I guess one thing in the book she does really get into is making a wing with your eyeliner. Which I am awful at to be honest. But it is cute.

 There is a fun section at the end of the book where there are 6 pictures of Conrad dressesfrom the 20's-70's style look.  While these are fun.. I don't know if they belonged in the book.  I guess if it's Halloween and you are looking for what to wear.

I really just think this book is for a young young girl.  Someone with zero beauty experience.  Maybe even a girl in middle school who might be just starting to wear make-up and do her hair.  For everyone else there is no new information.

Here is my review on Lauren Conrad's other book Style which I loved!

The crystal ball says:

Thunder is booming!! Run inside and don't bother reading!


  1. Would you call this one of those get it from the library books? I am interested in books like this, I frequently stalk beauty blogs, etc. I NEVER wear makeup or do my hair though. Im a basic jeans and LL Bean fleece type gal. I do jazz it up when the occasion calls for it, but not daily.
    There is a gal on youtube who does these "heat-less" curls tutorials, shes from the Philippines and she does one with normal drinking straws and the curls are freaking awesome! Your hair looks long enough to get the full effect, mine is growing out of layers and about shoulder length, maybe a bit longer.
    Anywho, hope your having a great weekend :)

    1. Yes.. this is a from the library book, which is where I got it. It just was too basic. You were right in your comment on the Style book, perhaps if those two books were merged that would be better!

  2. I saw this book in Barnes & Noble but didn't really know what it was. I really don't care about beauty as much as I need Style help, so I think I'll read that! Thanks!

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog