Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colorado Book Month-This is Colorado Life

As some of you may know March is Colorado Book Month!  This is a month where authors and bloggers in the area get together to celebrate the book community here.

Today I am participating in This Colorado Life , where we discuss different topics about this fun state!

This week's question is:  Share a favorite memory that includes a book and a place/person/thing/event in Colorado.

Well for me I have had a lot of fun going to author book signings.  I really didn't know about them until a few years ago.  I remember when I met Charlaine Harris at the Tattered Cover in Denver and told her I was so happy she was here in Colorado because no one ever comes here.  I remember the clerk that worked there looked at me funny when I said it.  Of course after that I started researching more book signings and discovered lots of authors come here! 

Speaking of the Tattered Cover... it is an amazing independent book store.  One of the largest in the country! I have many fond memories of going there as a little girl.  Even the store's Facebook  page is quite popular among people who love books.  It has great facts and stories on there all the time about books.  Authors tend to always do their book signings at the Tattered Cover in Colorado since it is an independent book store and they usually like to support that.  If you ever visit Colorado this is the place to go for book lovers.

I also love the Denver Public Library.  I don't have an account there since I'm not a resident of Denver County but I love to walk through there.  The building is amazing architecture and usually participates in events that are going on in downtown Denver.  I went to the Yves St Laurent show at the Denver Art Museum and the library had some amazing dresses on display that people had created that were inspired by Yves St. Laurent. 

I have also met up with a couple of bloggers when I went to an early screening of Beautiful Creatures.  I was able to let them know about it and some of us went! (YAketyYAks and Stuck in Books).  I got to sit in the VIP section.  It really was an amazing night. 

Have you ever done anything bookish in Colorado?


  1. That library looks seriously cool!

    1. It is really wonderful. There are a bunch of cool buildings next to each other in downtown Denver that have great architecture.

  2. I love to eat at Rodizio Grill (when I have the money) and walk down to the Tattered Cover afterward :) It's a treat to go there; however, I find myself spending too much money! Have you been to their location next to Twist and Shout? That has to be my favorite music store!

    sinn @ sinnful books