Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader going away=CONFUSION!

Is anyone else confused?   I have read so many blog posts on this, and researched the web.  The big questions most of us have is... is Google Reader the same thing as GFC??? Wordpress users really don't have to worry about this so much.  But I read my RSS posts through GFC.. not Google Reader.  So is that going away?  Rumor has it they are the same things... rumor has it their not... rumor has it eventually GFC will go away... What does one do with all these rumors?  Well... I decided to sign up for one of these other RSS readers out there and I choose Feedly because it uses Google Reader as a backend so you can log into Feedly and Google Reader will automatically transfer.  So you don't have to re-subscribe to all the blogs you follow.  Of course the big question with Feedly is will it still function once Google Reader has shut down. So I don't even know if I made the right choice as a new RSS reader.  sigh.

I am not really internet smart.  I think I am pretty good but not great.  I use Blogger because I don't really know html and so Wordpress seems like it would be difficult for me.  So I am trying my best to keep up with how to do this.  Keeping readers of my blog (as well as all of your blogs) is going to be difficult without a RSS feed.  I hope that people would come to my blog without a RSS feed but when you follow a lot of blogs like myself it's hard to keep track unless you put it in your blog roll or you have a huge fan base.

I have seen some other RSS readers out there... Flipboard looks good.  And I've seen some good thoughts on FeedDemon as well.  I can only say good luck to all of you out there with this... and I hope you don't forget my blog once this all goes into effect!

UPDATE:  I am participating in a Bloggiesta event.  I have chosen to use Feedly as my reader.  I have played around with it and it looks pretty good.  I like it a lot.  Not I just have to make a point of using it and not just defaulting back to google reader.


  1. I'm confused, right along with ya :-)

  2. I wish I knew as well :(
    I've imported my blog and the ones I follow onto bloglovin but my blog address is still
    ...does this mean my old posts will vanish on July 1st? Ughh it's all so frustrating!

  3. Honestly I don't know any html and I LOVE is so easy to use and I love how when someone comments an icon appears to the right..and you don't even have to leave your homepage to respond! Plus the reader is really easy to use..I find GFC much more difficult in terms of keeping track of other blogger posts!

    1. I wonder if I should just set up a test blog on wordpress. Do you have to pay to use it?

  4. I tested a few different readers and picked Feedly as well, and from what I understand, they have a program that will go into effect when GR is shut down that should keep everything you subscribe to in your feed if you log into Feedly before July 1st.

    I hope GFC is something that can stand alone without Google Reader, but I suppose we'll see.

  5. Ok, my understanding is that Feed Demon *will* go away because it's supported by Google Reader. If GFC is too, then yeah, I'd be nervous about continuing to read blogs that way.

    But here's the thing - you've got time. You don't have to make a decision now, and if you don't love Feedly then you can switch to something else.

    I know it can be daunting, but you'll figure it out. :)

  6. Okay, first of all, I LOVE YOUR CUTE LITTLE GRUMPY KITTY!!!! lol xD Second of all, I believe that Google Reader supports GFC because when I went on Google Reader a couple of weeks ago for the first time ever, it had me subscribed on Google Reader to all of the things I was subscribed to on GFC. Plus, GFC is like an early version of social networking. I think it was even before Facebook, and definitely before Google+. It's pretty archaic as far as a social networking service goes, but it's still good for blog stuff! I have a feeling GFC is going to go away that day too, and everyone will freak out and Google will claim it's part of Google Reader, but really they're taking it out because it's like an outdated version of Google+. But really, it doesn't make sense to keep both around. As far as substitutions, I've decided to sub GFC because I'm sure it will be going away soon whether or not it's Google Reader linked. I'm using Bloglovin' because all I really read is blogs, not news feeds or anything.

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog