Monday, March 11, 2013

Colorado Book Blogger Month-This is Colorado!

As some of you may know March is Colorado Book Month!  This is a month where authors and bloggers in the area get together to celebrate the book community here.

Today I am participating in This Colorado Life , where we discuss different topics about this fun state!

Today's topic:  What's your favorite athletic activity to do?  Hiking, biking, boarding?  Or are you more a sports follower, chilling out on Sundays with the Broncos? 

Well I am not really athletic in a crazy way but I do love to hike and be outdoors.  There is a trail here in Colorado Springs called the Incline that everyone does and I have never even wanted to attempt it.  People love it though!  I have hiked up to Hanging Lake and was so proud of myself!

The Incline
Hanging Lake

I really love to fish, camp, bike ride, and really just trying anything new.  I have not been snow shoeing and have been dying to go. Also I would like to be better at Cross Country Skiing.  Unfortunately most of the people I know don't have as an adventurous spirit like me.  I have been tubing which was so much fun!  I would also love to try out a SeaDoo on the lake! I've been to the Great Sand Dunes but wasn't going to the gym at the time so I didn't make it to the top!

Great Sand Dunes

Fall trees by Cripple Creek, CO

I am also very interested in bird watching.  There are amazing birds here in Colorado and if you have never taken the time to go outside and look around at birds well get to it!

And I am obsessed with sports watching.  I am a huge Denver Broncos fan and go to 1-2 games a year.  I love theColorado Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Sky Sox

Have you been to Colorado?  What do you like to do when you come and visit?


  1. My brothers used to try to get me to do the incline, but I always had a baby/small child. Now that my kids are both in school I could technically go do it, but now my brothers don't!! So wrong. I will have to try it, especially now that all the legal wrangles surrounding it are finished. I know I'll be gasping by the time I get to the top, but I'm okay with that. Someone once told me that there are gems to be found up there off the path near the top of the incline, but only those who know where it is or are led there by someone who knows can find it. I take that as a challenge!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. When I visit Colorado, I enjoy shopping, biking, reading, and doing some river activities. Fun stuff! There are so many relaxing and occupying activities to do in Colorado!

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog