Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gears of War Judgment-Review

Gears of War Judgment (Xbox 360) is another fun game in the Gears of War installments.  This one is a prequel and of course I remember everyone saying when Gear of War 3 that there wouldn't be another game.  But of course as popular as these game I knew there would be another game.

Bard and Cole are now the main characters, Dom and Marcus are left in the dust.  What I really like is all the characters in the new group tell their sides of the story and as they do you play their character.  Even a female ... YEAH!!  A neat thing about this game is that you can actually make the difficulty of a level even harder with declassified mission.  The adds difficulties like smoke in a level, or you can only use a certain weapon.  This really adds to the fun.

The graphics are amazing. The multiplayer in this game is really good.. much better then past Gears of War where I couldn't stand the multiplayer. I thought before it wasn't smooth play and the levels were awful.  And for my book loving friends you get to fight in a huge library on multiplayer!!


I give this game 8/10 ! 

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