Thursday, March 14, 2013

God of War Ascension-Review

I love the God of War series for Playstation.  I always have.  I love the way it plays and I really love the theme of mythology.  I am so happy that my library and Redbox provide video games.  I remember for years I would have to rent from Blockbusters and they would charge an arm and a leg.  Now I go to Redbox and rent a game for $2 a night!  

This game to me was just as good as the other 3.  I did think it was kinda the same story same game... but it kept to what makes it popular and good.  I can't comment on the multiplayer because I forgot there was a multiplayer on this one and I already took it back to redbox when I remembered!!! ERRRR!!!  So unfortunately I didn't get to check that out. Also the Last of Us demo on this disk was just plain STUPID.  You click on it thinking you get to play and then it's a timer for 80 days.  Soooo didn't get to check that out either. 

This game is a prequel to the rest of the series.. so most of the game you are fighting against the Furies.  I didn't love that because in the other games you constantly got to see the other gods and lots of mythological creatures.  We really didn't see too many in this game, just the Furies, Archimedes, and the Oracle.  Unlike the other GOW games this one does NOT allow you to switch to easy in the middle of the game. I played for 3 HOURS and it was just too tough for me.  So I kept dying and dying waiting for the notice to come up asking if I wanted to switch to easy and it never did.  So I had to start over... the DRAMA!!! 

I give this game a 7 out of 10

I was notified by Geek & Sundry that I won the collector's edition  of God of War.  I was so excited... I waited and waited and then 4 weeks after waiting I finally emailed the person back who contacted me.  They apparently didn't work there anymore and left an email address for someone to contact instead.  So I emailed that person who didn't bother to answer me back.

I emailed Geek and Sundry from their website on the contact us section...... I then tweeted to them to try to get someone to help me and figure out what was going on.  No one ever bothered to answer me.  Sucks.  So disappointed.  I mean.. wow guys wow.  Just rip my head off why don't you Geek And Sundry!