Thursday, March 7, 2013

Colorado Featured Blogger!!

Today I am the Colorado featured blogger for Colorado Book Month!!!  I am very excited about it!  Colorado book month has been a lot of fun.... and if you haven't found bloggers in your state you should really make an effort to do it!! Here is the link to the feature!

LiteraryCO Spotlight: Angie

Hello all! My name is Angie and I love to read. My blog is Angela’s Anxious Life .  I love to see the Colorado blogging community grow. I not only run my blog but I also moderate the Young Adult Book Club and the Stephen King Fans group on goodreads. I have a lot of fun in both these groups. I love Colorado! I lived here through most of my childhood and then my dad was stationed in TX for my high school years. I then ended up back here in 2006 for work and am so glad it happened. I plan on never leaving! I have joined a few of the blogging events in Colorado and met several of the other bloggers who have been very nice. I look forward to meeting more of them!
Do you have any non-book related hobbies?
I love art, NASCAR, football, fashion, movies, outdoors, fishing, traveling, cooking, gardening and yard work. I love a variety of things
Books open up infinite worlds, what book would you love to live in? I would love to live in Harry Potter’s world. I can just imagine being at Hogwarts. When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened I went and it was a blast.
What is your favorite part of being involved in the book world? (the signings, the people, the fact you get to write for a living, free books, etc…) My favorite part of the book world is being able to meet people who have a hobby in common with me. No one in my life really reads, so when I discovered goodreads in 2007 I was in heaven. I am able to discuss books and learn about new books as well from all these other readers.
What is your movie/book/TV guilty pleasure? Mine is the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harrie and the show True Blood on HBO.
What kind of books do you wish there were more of (ie, books with love triangles, social commentary, zombies, etc…)? And conversely, what type of books do you wish were just done?
I wish there were more books like the Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin but I wish the author would write it in a time frame that isn’t years apart! As far as the books that I want done I wish that all these YA books weren’t trilogies. I swear anytime that a book is popular in the YA category then next thing I know it’s a trilogy!
Take a hike, see a Broncos game or chill out by a mountain lake?
Broncos game of course!!! BRONCOS COUNTRY!
What online guilty pleasure causes you the most procrastination? (ie, pinterest) Pinterst, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, you name it!
What is next on your reading list? Asunder by Jodi Meadows

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