Monday, March 25, 2013

Table Top Day

Do you know what Table Top Day is? Only the most fun game day ever.  It it hosted by Geek & Sundry (featuring the great Wil Wheaton and the fabulous Felicia Day).  Table Top Day is encourages all of us to gather around friends and family and play some board games.  There are plenty of local gaming stores in everyone's areas that are putting on events for game day.  There is a wonderful map here that you can look at and find a place in your area that you can go to and play if you don't play at your own house.  Here is a video of Felicia Day announcing Table Top Day:

 I really enjoy Geek & Sundry on youtube. I am a big geek and love their type of humor. I went their panel at Comic Con San Diego last year and it was so fun. Really if you are on youtube you should subscribe to their channel!  Here is an example of a fun Table Top videos... it is a little long this particular video others are shorter:

 Geek & Sundry doesn't just do gaming. They have a WIDE variety of content. I really like this series that is based off a story told by a child and then made into a video. These videos are great. You should watch this one here, like right now:

Anyways.... it sounds like I work for them right? Really I am passionate though about Table Top Day. I love to play games and anytime I ask people they say no. Board games are really fun if people would just give them a chance. You use your mind and you interact with people. Really it's fun!!!


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    1. Me too!!! I am so glad it was created. I really relate to most of the stuff they post!

  2. I've never heard of this before. Sounds like an interesting concept. Thanks for stopping by my post, and sorry to hear about your troubles! :(

  3. Does it count that I'm going to be part of a World of Darkness campaign on the 30th? Given the beautiful Felicia Day's geekiness (massive girl crush on her, btw), I think she would approve ^_~

    sinn @ sinnful books