Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cover Reveal! Stephen King Doctor Sleep

I am so excited about the UK Doctor Sleep by Stephen King interactive cover! You can access interviews, trailers and a lot of other fun things off the cover.  I really like the American cover too (which can be seen below the UK cover).  I am really excited to read Doctor Sleep and we will be doing a group read in my group Stephen King Fans on goodreads!! Are you as excited as I am???


  1. This is my Wow pick for this Weds..i think or maybe next..but I am so excited about reading this. I even re-read the Shining back in October since I read it in my teens. I like the cover with the woman better, but both a creepy

    1. I too like the woman cover better....honestly it is so cool I think it's something I would hang up in my living room!!