Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Post

Let's chat about what's going on this week... on my blog.. on other blogs... on the internet... and just everywhere!    I link up my post to Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves.

On the Blog:
-May 4th is Star Wars Day:  May the 4th Be With You- Star Wars Pop Up Review
-I talk about the new Spiderman 2 movie and what I thought of it.
-Top Ten Book Covers Framed As Art  this was so fun to me!  I love art so fantastic covers are totally my thing.
-I review Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
-I post another  Comic Adventures Issue #10 ... I talk about the terrible comic Age of Ultron.. I can't believe the next Marvel movie is going to be based off this comic!

Around the Blogospere:
- Kelley at Oh the Books talks about Benefits of Reading YA as an Adult.
-Feed Me Books now talks about what you do when a series ends
-Great Imaginations shares their Burn Book where they talks about 50 bloggers that they love! 

The new show Gotham comes out soon....please please be good!!!

Books Books Books.
Gaw I am so behind on reading.  Next week is Bout of Books though so I should be able to kick it in gear.  I have been playing video games at night instead of reading so that doesn't help me stay caught up either!!   I have been researching Hercules and Pocahontas for my next Project Disneys coming up.  Too bad neither have just one book they are based off of! Any recommendations for these two people's biographies or mythology books???


  1. You saw SpiderMan- I need to look at your review, haven't seen it yet. Top Ten covers was great too this week, I actually did that one just because I like the topic. :) It was fun to see people's picks for that...

    I also heard Age of Ultron was bad- will check out your review of that too... hopefully the movie will not go anywhere near the comic storyline and just use the name. There are some older Ultron stories that are good... but he's been overused over the years. Only so much you can do with killer robot I guess...

  2. It just so happens that Pocahontas is a really complicated. BUT! There's a great resource out there called The Pocahontas Archives:

    It's THE scholarly place to start your research. The few accounts we have of her come from John Smith and Thomas Hariot's travelogue, _A Briefe and True Report on the New Found Land of Virginia_. To make Hariot's long story short, the Virginia Company was upset with Powhatan for holding tools and persons hostage ... so they kidnapped his "darling daughter" to get their stuff back. So they and two native accomplices lured her on a ship (she did originally want to look at it) and held her hostage there. No one knows what happened on the ship, but when she emerged she suddenly was a Christian and was going to get married. As it turns out, Powhatan really didn't care that they had her and didn't negotiate with them.

    I'm thinking of starting a feature on my blog called Thank the PhD. Lol. I'm an early Americanist and there is a ton of interesting stuff happening in literature before 1830 that no one knows about.

  3. I finally decided to do Bout of Books! I think it will be fun; it's my first read-a-thon and I've wanted to do one for such a long time. Just need to pick some books to try and read this week.

    I only just heard about Gotham. I'm so curious though!


  4. Curious... what are you playing right now? I don't game (no coordination) but my boys do. Hubs is First Person RBG; he can't stop playing Borderlands. Son is Skylanders and Infinity. It's kind of sad but we have two Xbox's :( A few of the younger girls at the library game but it's mostly pc games or older games for older platforms or driving / heist game that alludes me at the moment.

    Chop chop on the reading b/c I can hear your brains cells rotting from here ;)

  5. I am so excited for Gotham! -Can Not Wait!

  6. That blogger burn book is so sweet. The Disney movie on Pocahontas is largely wrong. I would find a biography on Pocahontas to read.

  7. I loved your review of Aristotle and Dante!

    Have a great week.

  8. Yes Ultron was bad bad. I am still surprised that this is going to be used for the movie. I am sure though that Wheton will go another direction then the comic. I am about to hope over to your blog and see what is going on over there!

  9. This is great information. That is great information for me. I am having a more difficult time with the Pocahontas Project Disney since there are so many different views out there on her. I think that it would be a great feature on your blog to add the Thank the PhD. I notice that people seem to appreciate more when people post about older literature rather then only new books.

  10. Bout of Books should be so easy for you. It was my first readathon and I had a lot of fun and loved the challenges and the people participating. I know you will have fun since it is so low pressure!

  11. HOLA! I love when people want to chat about games. It gets me excited! Anywho... I am currently playing a free Mickey game on the PS3. It used to be on the Sega Genesis. It was a big game back in the day and they re-did it. So I love it. I don't think it's sad you have two Xbox's. I am friends with a couple who have two so we all play Halo together and they are each on their own TV. So so fun!! I bet the driving game is Grand Theft Auto!!

  12. I know right??? I hope it's good. I get nervous that it's on Fox ... they cancel a lot. So we'll see.

  13. Oh yeah... I know that Disney movie is way wrong. HAHA! So the story and the movie will probably not match at all this time.

  14. I guess i should record the first episode of Gotham

  15. Ooh, it's Ryan from the OC! I haven't heard of Gotham but I might check it out

    And I definitely want to frame some book covers and hang them up around the house

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  16. Hope you will be able to read more books for Bout of Books! Happy reading! :)

  17. I really hope it's good!! Guess we'll see

  18. You know.. I never watched the OC, though I did watch the Hills on MTV so I think they are about the same. hahah! Rich kids Rich towns

  19. I hope so too... blog hoping right now and then I will be back to reading.