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Captain America The Winter Solider - Movie Review

Monday, April 7, 2014

The highly anticipated Captain America sequel did not disappoint!  I was a little leary about it since I didn't really enjoy Thor 2 the Dark World.  I thought that film tried way to hard.  Captain America The Winter Solider on the other hand was exactly what you would want in a sequel! 

For those that follow the blog you know you that I read a lot of comics.. but mainly DC comes.  This isn't because I don't want to read Marvel it's just that I don't know where to begin.  With DC I have been able to start at the new 52.  Since I don't read Marvel that much I didn't know much about the Winter Solider, so it was all a surprise to me. I really enjoyed that!

I think this movie was so well put together that you could go in it, without ever seeing the first Captain America and not be lost at all. The humor was on point, the characters were emotional and made me emotional. This movie is really setting up the huge Marvel universe.  Though this film does make me question what will happen to the TV show SHIELD (which yes I have been watching). It makes me really wish that DC could do this.  But instead we have DC rushing.. changing the Superman sequel from a stand alone Superman movie to an almost full fledged Justice League movie.

This movie is totally up to par with the Avengers. I am really looking forward to the third Captain America. The third Thor on the other hand I can wait for. A+


  1. I'm SO excited to see this!! Captain America was my favorite of the first Marvel movies. They really captured the amazingness! I read more Marvel than DC. LOL! Have you seen the Marvel Masterworks? Those are a great place to start!

  2. I have not seen the Marvel Masterworks. Thanks for suggesting that to me. I am going to go and look them up now. Captain America is also my favorite of the Marvel movies!

  3. Yeah, the Masterworks are indeed good starting points. It's overwhelming, I hear you. I tend to be scattershot in my approach.

    I really enjoyed The First Avenger - am looking fwd to seeing this one. Glad to hear it got your seal of approval!

  4. Awesome movie. That whole middle scene with Widow and then Cap taking on Winter soldier- yeah. Loved it. My fave part of the movie. I like that the same directors are going to do Cap 3- that's a good sign. I thought Robert Redford was kind of a generic bad guy in this one, but other than that- liked it a lot. Loved the humor, especially at the beginning.

    The Winter Soldier comics are collected in a trade paperback or two- you might like em. Widow and Falcon are in those too, if I recall- been a few years. The story is different but still good. I liked the movie version though maybe a bit more.

  5. Love your review and I totally agree... I walked out of the theater nearly speechless, not quite but close! I just loved every minute of it. Although we went to an early showing and there were a lot of really young kids there, like under 10! I was surprised but not surprised to hear those kids start crying when the movie got violent. But we still were able to enjoy it. Can't wait to see it again. So sad you didn't love Thor 2 though... I haven't watched it a second time YET but I loved that one.

    Ohh.. and you're right about DC. Marvel did an unprecedented and extremely intelligent move with putting all of these in one world. I am also curious about Shield but we find out tomorrow!

  6. I am looking up the Masterworks right now. My library does have them too. Are these then the original back stories? So for example the Spiderman volume contains Spiderman volume1 ?

  7. I was surprised to see Robert Redford in this movie! I have been looking around at the internet for the easter eggs in the movie. Like Black Widow's necklace. I am watching the newest SHIELD TV episode now and I can see that a lot of things there are going to change.

    I am for sure going to check out the Winter Solider comic. I just loved the story and thought Winter Solider is a really cool character.

  8. I cannot wait for Age of Ultron! I just got the comic from the library today. The early episodes of SHIELD were boring! BORING. I almost quit watching. I think about 5 episodes ago it really took off. Next week looks like an episode Marvel lovers should watch. They are really starting to get the movie and show mixed together really well. If you do go back and start watching SHIELD again start at the episode with that lady for the Thor movies. Her name has slipped my mind.

  9. There were some neat easter eggs in this one. Widow's necklace- I must have missed that! Now I'll have to look it up! :) I did just watch a SHIELD trailer on some website and it shows some fallout of the Cap movie. Love that.

    The WS comics are pretty good, I like the character a lot. I can see that guy playing cap down the road...

  10. Yes.. this one is totally worth your time. I like Iron Man... I liked the first Thor... Spiderman well he's OK... but Captain America is great. If you aren't a big comic person maybe going to a matinee showing.

  11. I'm so glad to hear you liked it! I was seriously thinking of going to see it this weekend but I always have to limit my going to the theater trips what with the little tike now.

  12. i am always at the movies.. I swear! There are so many coming out this summer. I think the next one I will be seeing is Spiderman.


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