Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dewey Readathon Update 3

Ok book party people... I think I am petering out.  I have been reading for a quite a few hours tonight reading up on some ARC comics that I received from Edelweiss.  They expire quickly so I wanted to get those done and out of the way.   Seriously though... I don't know if I will make it past say midnight my time.  That is 9 hours short of the 24 hour mark.  Sigh... maybe MAYBE I will try to go a little further.

Currently Reading:  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Books Finished: Robin Hood, 3 graphic novels.
Pages Read: 700
Amount of Time Spent Reading: 6 hours
Snacks: french bread pizza for lunch... dinner... chicken.. and a bowl of frosted flakes for a snack tonight
Where are you reading:  In my favorite recliner!

I will  be updating a lot on Twitter.  My Twitter handler is @Kingmod
Also be sure to check me out on instagram... my handler there is Wsbronco.  I have been posting pictures there today of my readathon adventures.

 Some challenges I thought I would join in:
The uncomfy challenge: This is a great challenge and I wish I would've participated in this one when it was still daytime out and I could go somewhere.  This challenge wants you to leave the house and go somewhere and read.  Well... I did read in the bathtub today.  I have read in a lot of crazy places.  For example... I totally don't mind going to dinner/lunch in a restaurant alone.  A lot of people have issues with this but I just bring a book and eat some yummy food.

I love the Spine Name Picture!  I am the worst at poetry so I loved to see a spine challenge where you spell out your name!


Across the Universe
Going Vintage


  1. Very nice! I should have taken a picture, but I was lazy for that one!

  2. I almost didn't take a picture... I did get too lazy for the challenge where I had to go and find a picture that represented a book. ZZZZzzzz didn't want to think that hard.

  3. You're doing awesome for Angela! Good luck for the rest of it! :D

  4. I hope you found a burst of energy and are still with us!! :)

  5. Nos4a2 is a good one!!

  6. You're reading Scarlet! <3 and 700 pages in 6 hours? I salute you.

  7. I did get lazy with some of the challenges towards the end. I almost made it to hour 18, but I fell alseep at hour 17. I made it further than I normally do. I don't think I will ever make the full 24 hours.

  8. Thank you!! I didn't stay up all night.. but I did stay up till midnight.

  9. Nooooo didn't happen. LOL! But it was still a lot of fun!

  10. I didn't get it started till today. But still ... I gave it a go.

  11. I will never make it... NEVER. But it was a lot of fun!! I didn't really meet any new bloggers on blogs but I found quite a few on instagram!

  12. I always go bonkers on those spine poetry ones an rip apart my shelves trying to make a decent poem. Good job =)

  13. I really enjoyed reading your update posts! I am definitely planning to join in on the next readathon now because it sounds like a blast! And then when I tell my family to leave me alone because I'm reading I can also say I'm trying to complete a special challenge. LOL

    BTW I don't mind going to a restaurant by myself and just reading and eating too! It's so fun to have food brought to you as you are reading. :D

  14. I still need to put away the books I took out for the pictures!

  15. I did enjoy this readathon a lot. There was no way I was going to be able to read all 24 hours. Twitter, instagram and the challenges were a ton of fun though!