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The Spine of the World by RA Salvatore-Review

Friday, September 14, 2012

I love this series of books!  It took me a long time to read this book though because I was not pleased with the book that took place right before this one... but Spine of the World has redeemed the story for me!!  Here is the goodreads description:

Spending time in the unimaginable torture chambers of the Abyss for even a day would be enough to break even the heartiest soul, and the barbarian Wulfgar was there for years. When he returns, his friends find him a changed man, and not changed for the better. But Wulfgar’s road to redemption is one he must travel on his own, even if it leads to the bottle.

I really enjoyed this installment of the Drizzt series by RA Salvatore book #12 in the Drizzt book series (based off the Dungeons and Dragons game). I almost didn't want to continue with this series after that last book The Silent Blade (see my review here) .  But then I thought I wanted to enter the world again and was please.  I think that maybe last time I just wasn't in the mood for the series. 

I like that Spine of the World isn't just about adventure.  There was a wonderful plot where we follow one of the big characters from the books Wulfgar through his journey of finding himself.  Yes sounds corny but was really good. We are also introduced to new characters who were so interesting I couldn't wait to find out where their story was going!!! 

The only thing about this book is there was no mention of any of the other characters we have grown to love.  Drizzt, Regis, Cattie-Bree or Brunor!  Now that I am finished with the book I am find with this, but when I first started out I was a little annoyed.  I will say that I am very happy with the fact that Wulfgar will hopefully been done whining and get's back together with his team!!



  1. I have yet to even start this series. Not really sure why though.

    1. It is an amazing series. Even if you don't play DnD it is a great fantasy series!!

  2. Oh my, book 12? I always avoid series with more than 6 books. I've never heard of this series before and I don't think I know anything about Dungeons and Dragons hm... *thinks* Yep, I don't know anything about it. Glad this redeemed the series for you though. Thanks for the review and for stopping by! :)

    1. hahahah! That was hilarious what you wrote about D&D!!!

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