Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloggiesta Day One Starting Line!!


This is my first Bloggiesta but I have seen others do it before and knew I had to jump in this time around. Hoping to get some things done this weekend.  I will update just this one post here so people don't keep seeing the same post over and over again.  So head here if you want to see my updates!  Here are my goals:

1.  Set up a tab for the Q&As with authors 
2. Participate in mini challenges & visit participants
3. Clean up blogs I follow
4. Figure out which blogs are on wordpress now... it is a hassle but I need to add them to my bookmarks BEFORE blogger stops showing them in my news feed
5. Change the B for blogger in my address bar to a picture that matches my blog
6.  I also run two BIG goodreads groups... and even though they are not apart of my blog necessarily I  need to go through those and read through ALL the posts... keep the groups organized. 
7.  Use new rating scale of crystal balls
8.  Delete my contact list on my google account.  I have like 600 friends or contacts on there because they are all my Nook friends.  This was never a problem but I just switched to an Andriod phone and now they are all in there!  Speaking of... are you looking for Nook friends? Here is a GREAT group on facebook where you can get many many friends Nook Friends
I posted this a little late today but hoping to get a big kick start tomorrow!!



  1. Good luck getting as much of your list done as possible. I love bloggiesta because I really try to focus on cleaning up some of the things on my blog and getting to things I;ve been putting off for ages.

  2. Good luck and have fun :) I'm almost finished with my goals, but reading other participants' posts gave me so many ideas to spruce up my blog.

  3. You are very ambitious! I decided to read a few tips and visit a few blogs!

    Here's my ¡Olé! ¡Vamos a Bloggiesta! I hope you will stop by!

  4. Hope you're having fun with Bloggiesta! I've gotten lots of good ideas, but haven't completed many of them yet. Am determined to cross them all off my list, no matter how long it takes!