Monday, September 10, 2012

BBAW: My favorite blogs


Well I never participated in Book Blogger Appreciation Week before but this year I jumped in at the last minute.  So here is today's discussion:  

Appreciation! There are no awards this year, but it can still be hard to navigate the huge universe of book blogging. Share with your readers some of the blogs you enjoy reading daily and why.

So here we go!!

LC's Adventures in Libraryland  .  I just have always loved this blog since the begining.   I love love her them on her blog and she created it herself.  Her giveaways are clever and the book reviews are fun. I also love that she does blog design now.  Just wish I could afford it!  I know it takes a lot of time to do that and one time I asked her about it and she said that she learned how to do blog design all on her own!!
LCs Adventures

I have always like Jessica at a Great Read .  
She doesn't have a fancy layout.. but she makes sure to stop by blogs all the time.  She truly tries to have relationships with other bloggers.  She ALWAYS stops by my Follow Fridays so I am going to leave this up and see if she sees it without me telling her about it.  I love that she mixes reviews about books with little fun posts that aren't about books.  Really she is great you guys should check her out!

a GREAT read

I really enjoy this blog too, Wordsmithonia .  I love the community this blogger has.  The books aren't exactly what I read but the people who visit this blog and and comment are great.  Plus I have started participating in a meme he does called Favorite Fictional Character Wednesday!  Which is really fun and not well known!  So if you are looking for something to do on Wednesdays other then the "waiting on Wednesdays memes" stop by here!  He doesn't have a badge for me to post here so you will just have to click on the link above.

And I really enjoy the discussions on Word For Teens.    Nicole always has some great thoughts not just on books but on subjects about books.  She was taking a fantastic young adult literature class and I couldn't wait for the new post each week!!  I didn't see a badge on this site either but believe me great stuff!

Well if you are participating in Book Blogger Awareness Week leave me a link to your favorite bloggers.  And if you are not... still leave me a link to your favorite blogs!!

Other then that I really don't have any "blog friends" like other people. I just have blogs I enjoy reading!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it! Part of what keeps me blogging after all these years, is the community of wonderful bloggers that just pour out love.

  2. D'AWWW THANK YOU. <3 I love that you love my discussion posts!

    (also, there's a badge on the about page, but it's hidden and nobody knows it exists *maniacal laughter*)

  3. I LOVE LOVE Jessica at a GREAT read!!!!
    Great post!!

  4. Thanks so much for commenting!
    New to me blogs, off to check them out

  5. Adventures in Libraryland, love the name! And her graphic is good, too. I haven't heard of the blogs you mention, which in a way is a good thing as you've now introduced me to them.

    1. I too love the name Adventures in Libraryland and am bummed I didn't think of it!!!