Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW 2012 Day 3: What Does Book Blogging Mean to You?

Today is day 3 of Blogger Appreciation Week.  Today I discuss what book blogging means to me.

 I have been book blogging for about 1 year and 5 months.  For me blogging has been a way to find new books to read, and meet people who have reading in common with me.  In my real life I don't know too many people who enjoy reading like I do.  My husband reads but not as much as I do. 

I have really enjoyed reading posts on blogs, not just the book reviews but topics about reading.  I like some of the memes I have discovered too!!  I enjoy not only writing about a book but using images to help describe what I am feeling.  I know you can do that on goodreads but sometimes it is such a hassle to get images on there.  The never fit and I am always resizing them and it takes forever.
I have also enjoyed learning a new "trade".  Everything you see on my blog I have learned to do myself.  Except the template which I am using a free one.  Otherwise I learned how to do the sidebars, adding the about author section, widgets, really everything.  I could've easily asked my husband since he is a web designer but I did it myself!!
I appreciate every follower I have.  I remember day 1 when I had 1 follower!  It is actually quite difficult to get your blog out there and post topics interesting enough to get people to come back.  So I hope that if you have stopped in to read this little post that you know I do try to make my blog entertaining and keep you coming back for more.  I think most of my followers are YA readers... but I read a WIDE variety of books so I hope when they see some oddball title reviewed they come back.. because next week there might be a totally different genre of book reviewed!!!  
Well so that is blogging for me!!


  1. Book blogging is about more than just the reviews, I agree. I love the variety and the discussions out there about books and bookish things. :-)

    1. Me too!! I swear I am more educated about books from blogging!

  2. One of my favorite parts of blogging is meeting new people, who love the same things I do! So hard to find someone to talk to IRL about your latest read, so very glad I found this community! And nice job on your blog design! Isn't it cool when we try something new and it actually works? *L*