Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Claudia Gray answers YOUR questions!

Hello all!! Another great author is coming by the YA Book Club to answer YOUR questions! Claudia Gray is the author of The Young Adult Book Club's October book club pick Fateful.  She will be stopping by the group on October 15th to answer any of your questions for her, they can be about her books, writing, or anything on your mind!  Please stop by and give her a big welcome!  Stop by here to leave questions and comments!


  1. I was sent her book Fateful which I still would like to read. Hopefully before the 15th when she appears at the Young Adult Book Club. I wish I was a bit more passionate about ya literature. :)

    1. I am excited to read this book.... I love the whole idea it takes place on the Titanic. I didn't always love YA books. I happened to just land this role of being the moderator of a group on goodreads... and then it kept growing and growing to 5000 members!! So I feel in order to be a good mod I should read with them every month and then I started to discover quite a few YA books I enjoyed.. so turns out the job wasn't so bad after all!