Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW#2- Fellow Blogger Interview-The Hopeful Heroine

Today is day 2 of Blogger Appreciation Week 2012!  And today is the day where we swap interviews with other bloggers!  I was fortunate enough to meet Cait from The Hopeful Heroine !

I am really glad I got to meet her because I find it's a lot harder to discover blogs on wordpress for me.  I finally set up some bookmarks to keep track of the blogs on wordpress.  And this is definitely one of those blogs I keep on the list.  I absolutely love the art work on her blog... but more about that in a minute!  I am so surprised to find out Cait has ONLY been blogging for one month and 2 days.  Her blog is fantastic for such a short time!

Here is my interview with the great Hopeful Heroine!  

Ban This!

Of course the big question!! How long have you been blogging about books?  What inspired you to begin your blog?
I have been blogging about books for one month and two days! I only just officially launched my blog last month, though I have been jotting down reviews in notebooks for years. The reason I started The Hopeful Heroine was because I read so many books that I finally decided I just need a place to collect my thoughts for others to read! I am also hopeful that someday I can break into the book reviewer world somewhat professionally writing for journals or newspapers and such. Plus I am working on my teaching certification, and I thought that someday my blog might be a good resource for my classroom especially if parents have questions about books their child should/n't be reading.

 I love the art work on your blog… did you draw it yourself?
My doodles are a collection of my husband's and my art. He's the artist of the two so he drew the character of me. I just traced her for all of the seperate drawings. I sort of gave my husband my idea's and he came up with the banner design, then I doodled it out while I'm waiting for his professional version.  Captain Nosy is all my talent though!

Tell us three non-bookish things about yourself.
 Three non-bookish things about myself:
  1. I'm back in school working on my teaching/librarian certification. (I suppose that's still bookish!...)
  1.5  I'll be married two years this month.
  2. I really love to run, workout, and do triathlons, and I'm *hopefully* going to run my first marathon next spring.
  3. in my other life, I dream of owning my own bakery and I'm always perfecting my treats in the kitchen.

Have you ever liked a movie better then the book?  Which one?
I can't say that I've ever enjoyed a movie more than it's book because honestly, I always go into the movie looking at it as a separate entity. And, my hope is that the movie version of a book will inspire the audience to want to read the book!! As for truth time....I usually always love movie versions of books mainly because I enjoy seeing other people's vision of the story and seeing if my imagination is anything like there's. Some of my favorite movies from books are the Harry Potter's, Bridge to Terebithia, and How to Deal (a version of two Sarah Dessen novels combined into one plot). I recently just read that my current fav book Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been optioned for movie rights and I couldn't be more excited!!!

What three books are currently at the top of your to-read list?
Top three books TBR are  1. Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone on pure imagination alone!)  2. Ten by Gretchen McNeil (a somewhat retelling/tribute to Ten Little Indians by Agatha Cristie which was a favorite book of mine in high school), and 3. Reached by Ally Condie (I cannot wait to see how the trilogy ends!!!)

Where do you get most of your reading material? Real books vs. ebooks? Purchasing vs. library, etc.? How do you track your reading and organize your collection?
I'm very old school when it comes to reading material and I go for real books over ebooks. I just received my first two ebooks last week for reviewing, and I love reading them, BUT, there's nothing like holding a physical book in my hand. On that note, I also believe in libraries so I utilize my town's public library as well as my university's 6 story library! They have an amazing YA/MG fiction section. However, when I've got some extra cash, I'm all about buying. I try for smaller, used book stores and local, then I got to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

This question is stolen from inspired by this episode of Books on the Nightstand. Who would be on your literary Mount Rushmore (i.e. the four authors you would place on the mountain) and why?
My literary Mount Rushmore would include C.S. Lewis because he opened up the world for me with his Chronicles of Narnia books, Shel Silverstein because he's just so fun and SUCH a genius with his poetry, Jane Austen because as far as classics go she is my favorite and I love her writing voice. So full of wit and humor! Finally, Sarah Dessen because I fell in love with her book in high school, and I have never read one I didn't enjoy.

For which book do you engage in the most bibliovangelizing – the act of obsessively recommending a book to almost anyone who will listen and sometimes those who wont?
Well, it changes all the time because I read so many books I fall in love with! Currently it's Daughter of Smoke and Bone simply because I want everyone to fall into Taylor's imagination and world. She has created such a beautiful and deep story which is something I've been looking for in YA for a looong time.  As for my constant go too, that would have to be A Wrinkle in Time. It's just such a classic story, and I feel that anyone can pull something great and wonderful and beautiful from it every time they read it.

Well that is it!!!  Please stop by Cait's About Me page!  There is really some wonderful information there!  You can find out who exactly Captain Nosy is!  Very Clever.  Here he is again!

One thing I can say about this is that I am pretty sure I found a friend in the blogging world.  I am glad that I got to meet Cait!  We were great in getting our interviews done in 1 day!! :)  Please stop by and visit her blog... you will not be disappointed!  Be sure to check out my interview on her blog too!


  1. Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None is one of my favorite books by Agatha Christie (who I love), so I will have to remember the Ten book.

    Great interview!

    1. Doing an interview with another blogger has been a lot of fun. I find it hard to get to know bloggers with just a simple comment unless you go to their blogs a lot. So this was really a fun time!

  2. It was so fun to meet both of you guys through these interviews. Love Cait's artwork and also the fact that she'd love to own a bakery in another life. Same here.

    I saw in her interview that you do a Stephen King fan club. We're currently doing a readalong of IT and read The Stand this past summer. We're hoping to read The Shining sometime next year. It's been too much fun.

    1. KING is GREAT! I am going to check out the read along!!! Both of those books are BIG!

  3. Thanks so much for an awesome post Angela! I had so much fun getting to know you, and I agree, we've each got a new friend in the book blogging world!

    I definitely won't be a stranger around here :

    1. I am really glad that we were matched up! Plus it seems we both love our pets!

  4. Great interview and I enjoyed learning so much about both of you. Love the doodling. Readers are in for a lot of fun fun.

  5. Wow really interesting interview, both the questions and the answers. And we have something in common - I obsessively recommend Daughter of Smoke & Bone too.

    1. My favorite question I found is the Mount Rushmore one!!!

  6. It's great to see a new blogger! I was a new blogger last year. Hope you stick around, Cait! Fun interview!