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Lego Marvel Superheros-Video Game Review

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love the Lego games.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes is so fun. I know a lot of gamers who tell me these games are for kids.. for 8 year old kids.  Yeah right! They are fun and addictive.  I run around bashing things and shooting everything in sight.  I will say though that compared to the other Lego games I thought this one was easier.  The bosses were almost too easy.  It was fun though seeing all the different characters together. 

My friend (a guy) who is a gamer was at my house while I was playing and he wouldn't join up with me.  I could tell he wanted to play, and was helping me out by suggesting things to do.  I find it sad that because it is Legos and looks like a cartoon that he refused to play.  I mean.. who was I going to tell???  I requested that my library get the game and they did.  I love my library!

It's try that the formula hasn't really changed from one Lego game to the next.  I do feel that the last few games have more of an open world areas that I don't love.  It takes forever to get from one mission to the next.  In this game you run around New York (I think) ... in Batman 2 you run around Gotham.  I prefer the Harry Potter Lego where you follow the story line along and don't really have to run around these big world parts.  

There are side missions in this one like the other ones.  In the Lego games one of the side missions is to save someone.  So in Harry Potter you would save trapped students... well in this game you save Stan Lee!  I love it.  And Stan Lee actually voices his character.  There are actually a few characters that are voice actors from the movie the Avengers. 

If you love games that are easy going and a fun two player game then this is the one for you.  Don't be embarrassed to play either..  I promise it's OK to look like a kid every now and then.  8 out of 10!

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  1. I love the lego games. Lego Batman is my favorite. I still need to get the second lego batman game and now this is going on my wish list.

    Loved the post.

  2. We watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and in the preview for the next show, it had a clip of Stan Lee. I did a little EEEE and Zane asked me who that was LOL. I love that he's the one you save in this one. I think Zane and I would really enjoy playing this one together. We play Lego Harry Potter together all the time.

  3. I liked this one... but it wasn't my favorite. The Harry Potter ones are. I like all these games though. They are so fun!

  4. Oh yes... Zane needs to learn who Stan Lee is. Especially since Stan Lee is 91... won't be around much longer. I like Agents of SHIELD, I almost stopped watching it but I think the story is becoming interesting again.

  5. My favorite is the Batman one but that's not a big surprise. The Harry Potter one frustrates me sometimes. I'm still getting used to it. I have one of the Lego Star Wars but have never payed it. I should do that.

  6. Ah! That's so sad. I look forward to his cameos in all the movies. I didn't realize he was that old. He's just timeless to me. Did you watch his show Who Wants to be a Superhero?

    I was feeling the same way for a bit, but I really like the turn towards Fitz and Simmons more in the storyline. They are my fav's :D I hear Thor should be making an appearance on there sometime soon in the future.

  7. My son LOVES these Lego games!! He's been playing them since he was 4. They are definitely great for littler kids because when the characters die you don't have to start over, you just keep going, so it's less of a big deal. I LOVE the Harry Potter one and play it with my boy all the time (although the 2nd one scares him a little towards the end... and he had nightmares about Deatheaters, so that's not good). Lego City is also a cool looking game... IDK if you've played that one.

  8. So fun... wish I had a second player though!!!

  9. I wish I could play Lego City but it's only in the Wii U and the DS I think. I only have the old Wii. But it looks really fun. I know that Nintendo is really failing with the Wii U and that is too bad. They have just lost that competitive edge. I wish they would sell the Zelda franchise so that it could be on other platforms. But that and Mario are their best sellers so they never will.

  10. I love the Lego games, but I don't like that the new ones talk! Legomen don't talk!! I can't get over that.

  11. OMG YES!! I don't like that they talk now either. I thought they were a lot more funny when they didn't talk. The expressions they used to make made me laugh so hard. I miss the days of no talking. :(

  12. Harry Potter is my favorite out of the lego games too. I just think too that it takes so long to get from one area to the other in lego games if the worlds are too open. Like in this one.. running around the town. I liked Indiana Jones too where you just knew where to go.

    I think this one might be my least favorite out of all the games.


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